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Jul. 8th, 2005 @ 09:03 pm The Solacium Dialogues of Zechs and Wufei...
About this Entry
These are 123 dialogues between Zechs and Wufei that were initially done in internet live chat (and later edited and re-edited to refine the content).

Many of the dialogues are incomplete or represent story lines that were tested out in this format prior to being abandoned or rendered un-postable by other changes in the general Solacium timeline. Advance Warning: Some Zechs/Wufei sexual content shows up in a few of the later transcripts.

I've attempted to archive the dialogues in roughly chronological order, and am posting them to the backfromhell2 archive in reverse order so that they can be read in top-down order once the archive is complete. I will be posting batches of fifteen links at a time to the Solacium Updates list.

I've disabled comments on the individual transcript pages, but feel free to comment to this post, the subsequent links posts, or in either of the hosts' journals (see amicasolacium.net/characters for more information on who the players are).

On to the first set of dialogues #001-015